"from solid to liquid" - Live in Prague

Live at City Center Office Gallery in Prague within the exhibition "Water Works" by a group of artists from Frappant Gallery.
Performed with just one instrument: the iranian Santur (plus a lot of effects and iOS granular synths Tardigrain and Borderlands).
Recording of the concert: here.

Artists: Cristina Rüesch (image 8+9) | Belia Brückner (image 2-4) | Louise Heymans (image 6+7) | Cyrus Ashrafi/Days of Delay (image 1+9) | with lovely help from Nicole Kleinhammer

"Night of the Churches" - Ambient Church

Live at St. Johanniskirche in Hamburg. Light installation by Boris Frentzel-Beyme /

Days of Delay live at St. Johannis Church, Hamburg


Group exhibition at Frappant Gallery with accompanying ambient concert at St. Pauli Kirche, Hamburg.
Artists: Dodo Adden d.J. | Cyrus Ashrafi (Days of Delay) | Florian Breetzke | Shona Donaldson | Thomas Ehgartner Boris Frentzel-Beyme | Frankie Gao | IRIS-A-MAZ | Jendrik Helle | Alejandro Soto

Days of Delay live at "Antarctica" Exhibition at Frappant Gallery, Hamburg


Animation shortfilm by Thomas Vespermann with the piano track "All those Galaxies" by Days of Delay.

Thomas Vespermann / Days of Delay

"Algorithmus | Wald"

Live in "Kachelraum" at Frappant e.V., Hamburg.
Ambient concert and performance for group exhibition "Algorithmus | Wald" in collaboration with percussionist Lin Chen.

Days of Delay with Lin Chen live at Frappant Gallery, Hamburg

Chaos Computer Club 33C3

„Works for me“ / 33rd Chaos Communication Congress, ambient concert "Forest Memories" with theremin, synthesizer, piano, kalimba, lots of experimental apps and granular effects.
Photos by walter geitner, boris frentzel-beyme, stephan kambor-wiesenberg, ingo kleiber, le radiophare, horst JENS and mike powell aka elektroll. Many thanks! creative commons lizenz (cc)

CCC Logo


"Keller of Pleasure" in Brüllwürfel installation. Ambient performance for 73 ghettoblaster.

"Brüllwürfel" logo


Ambient concert in "Casino" hangar at Fusion-Festival.
Photos by Jann Wilken - many thanks! creative commons lizenz (cc)

Fusion Festival Logo

Chaos Computer Club "32C3"

„Gated Communities“ - 32nd Chaos Communication Congress - Ambient Concert
32C3" was held from December 27th to 30th at the Hamburg CCH and focused on internet security, civil liberties in the net and digital lifestyles.

CCC Logo

100% Frappant

Ambient concert in "Kachelraum" at Viktoria-Kaserne, Hamburg within the scope of interdisciplinary group exhibition „100% Frappant“ with artists from Frappant e.V.

"What is lost can be found"

Live at Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg. Concert with Beats, Synths und Theremin.

Golden Pudel Club Logo

"We Curators of Sound“ / Workshop

Workshop in "Casino" hangar at Fusion Festival about creating sophisticated loops from environmental noise, improvisation and the importance of randomness.

Fusion Festival Logo

„Der liebe Gott“

Ambient concert and performance with poetess Shona Donaldson within the scope of the multimedia group exhibition "Der liebe Gott" at Frappant Gallery.

With Dodo Adden d. J., Cyrus Ashrafi (Days of Delay), Florian Breetzke, Shona Donaldson, Thomas Ehgartner, Boris Frentzel-Beyme, IRIS-A-MAZ, Jendrik Helle, Frauke Kerker & Alejandro Soto, Anne Rücker, ZAZA Uta Röttgers, Till Schwieker, Thorsten Tenberken

"Der liebe Gott" Flyer for Exhibition at Frappant Gallery, Hamburg

Night of the Museums

Ambient concert in the "Bauernkate" of Altonaer Museum in Hamburg with artists of Frappant e.V.,
Light: Boris Frentzel-Beyme

Altonaer Museum Logo

"1.200 Years of Hildesheim"

Film by Thomas Vespermann with montage of archived material, music by Days of Delay.

Thomas Vespermann / Days of Delay

Music for Business Plants

Sound installation and 4-track EP for exhibition of photographer Frederik Busch "Business Plants" at Karl Anders Gallery, Hamburg.

Musci for Business Plants, Cover / Album by Days of Delay

Chaos Computer Club "31C3"

Ambient concert at CCH Hamburg, 31st Chaos Computer Club (CCC) congress.
Photos by adesigna, astro, anna ashrafi, cosmo flash, der robert, heipei, stephan kambor and willi thiel.
creative commons lizenz (cc)

Frappant e.V. summer festival

Ambient concert in the legendary "Kachelraum" - with balloon and light installation "Olmo" of Sina Greinert and Boris Frentzel-Beyme.

Frappant Sommerfest Flyer / Days of Delay Concert

Frappant Gallery

"Gliese 581d - Habitable Zones" - quadro ambient concert for multimedia group exhibition.
With IRIS-A-MAZ, Boris Frentzel-Beyme, Florian Breetzke, Thorsten Tenberken, Till Schwieker,
Jendrik Helle, Thomas Ehgartner, Dodo Adden and Alejandro Soto

Flyer - "Gliese 581d - Habitable Zones" Exhibition at Frappant Gallery, Hamburg / Days of Delay

Kunstmuseum Magdeburg

Ambient concert at "Long Nights of the Museums", Unser Lieben Frauen, Magdeburg

Ambient Orchestra / Hamburger Kunsthalle

Ambient Improvisation with string quartett "Violieb" in Hubertus-Wald Forum, Hamburger Kunsthalle

Days of Delay with "Violieb" live at Hubertus-Wald Forum, Kunsthalle Hamburg

"Why are we sitting in the desert"

Premiere for intercultural "eigenarten" festival.
Lyrical sound journey about the essence of the number "Zero", with Shona Donaldson in the "Church of Silence" in Hamburg

"Gliese 581d"

Mystique Magdeburg Multi-Art / 48h Wilhelmsburg
Ambientconcerts, exploring exoplanet Gliese 581d, 20 lightyears away and maybe capable of bearing life.

"100% Frappant"

100% Frappant e.V. exhibition, concert for theremin & remote orchestra


Gängeviertel Exhibition "Wackeln", concert für theremin, wineglass & tablet

Days of Delay - "Wackeln" at Gängeviertel

"Ambient is the new folk music of the 21st century"

Radio FSK / metroheadmusic - Interview & live concert


Club kmh - Ambientconcert

Days of Delay live at Kampnagel, Hamburg


Alter Elbtunnel, Stairway - Ambientconcert

"Lake Vostok", Leipzig

Globus-Werke, Leipzig - installation & ambient concert (with IRIS-A-MAZ, Josephine Böttger & Jendrik Helle)

Kulturelle Landpartie, Wendland

Raum 2 e.V., Neu Tramm - Concerts

Flyer - Days of Delay live at Neu Tramm, "Kulturelle Landpartie Wendland"

St. Pauli Kirche, Hamburg