Days of Delay

... reflects the live-ambient-side of Hamburg based musician Cyrus Ashrafi.
Days of Delay stands for improvised and acoustically decelerated paintings of sound with various instruments and techniques. The captivated audience is inspired to let grow their own imagery.


The fusion of time & space throughout loops & slowness, musicality, improvisation and experimentation is the key for a playful access to emotional utterly complex music.


Through atmospheric complementation of perceiving and living environments Days of Delay performs at clubs and festivals but also interacts with unique locations such as churches, museums, galeries, industrial ruins, orphaned quayside warehouses, retired ships, nostalgic movie theaters, town halls or universities.


Analog, digital, acoustic. With processed ambient noises and instruments like the iranian santoor, the russian theremin, the omnichord, piano, synthesizers, shortwave radio, midified kalimba, wine glass, iOS-Apps, etc.

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