Days of Delay - Golden Pudel Club

Live at Golden Pudel Club
Hamburg 2015

Days of Delay - Gliese 581d

Multimedia Group Exhibition
Hamburg 2014

Days of Delay - at Frappant Gallery

Group Exhibition "Algorithmus | Wald"
at Frappant, Hamburg 2016. With percussionist Lin Chen.

Days of Delay with string quartet

Live at Hamburger Kunsthalle
"Hubertus-Wald-Forum", Hamburg 2013

Days of Delay - live at Kampnagel

"Bundeskongress Interkultur"
Hamburg 2012

Days of Delay - live at Mojo Club

"musique mercredi" 2007
with Shona Donaldson

Days of Delay - Keleti

Pianoworks 2002 / Photos
Budapest central railway station

Days of Delay - live in Wilhelmsburg

"48h" festival 2011
Old school-auditorium

Days of Delay - Live Pictures

various live images
"The Moontrap" was composed for the 
 Roemer- & Pelizaeus-Museum, Hildesheim

Days of Delay - experimental theremin

Show at the Gängeviertel galery within the
exhibition "Wackeln" (wiggling), May 2013.
In this excerpt the theremin was used as an
audio-to-midi controller driving a softsynth.